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Best jQuery Inline Edit Plugins

Inline edit or edit in place functionality allows users to edit multiple content on the same page without refreshing it. If you want to implement inline edit or edit in place, you can use jQuery edit in place plugin instead of creating your own using jquery. These inline edit jQuery plugins are fully tested and have lot of extra feature with inline edit. So here in this article I have listed some best of jQuery inline edit plugins for you.

1. Editable-table

jQuery Inline Edit Plugins


Best jQuery Treeview plugins with Demo

A treeview is tree structure in HTML that presents a hierarchical view of information with expandable and collapsible features. You can easily create your own treeview structure using JavaScript but it takes time to develop and test it. The jQuery Treeview plugins are fully tested and lightweight, which easily convert an ordered list into an expandable and collapsible tree structure. Here in this article, I have listed 6 best jQuery treeview plugins with demo to use in your web projects.

1. jsTree

jQuery Treeview plugins