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How to Speed up WordPress Website?

Hope you have created your self hosted WordPress website and find the best WordPress theme for your blog. You have also installed must have WordPress plugins into your website to cover up important things. Now you’re running your WordPress website without any hassle but there are still something needs to fix. You know that the WordPress is a great platform but slowness is its major issue. You will also need to handle this otherwise you can lose your visitor’s as well as rankings. (more…)

How to Choose the Best Theme for WordPress Blog

Now you have launched your self-hosted WordPress blog and it loaded with default theme. Whenever we install a new WordPress, it always uses its default theme such as Twenty Thirteen Fourteen etc. So it’s not a big deal to configure a WordPress blog, the challenge will start from here. As the default theme is used by Millions of other WordPress blogs sharing the default look with your site and definitely you don’t want that. So now it’s time to make your blog to look more attractive and unique. You just need to choose the best suitable theme that determines the appearance of your blog and have essential features. (more…)

How to create a self hosted WordPress blog?

Are you looking to create self-hosted blog? Yes, then go with WordPress since this is the best free platform to start your personal blog or website. As you can also start with free hosted options like,, and, but you will get the most control by using self-hosted WordPress. It is also an easy to use, fast and very flexible. It comes with some great features to make your experience as blogger as much pleasant as possible. This is the reason most of bloggers prefer this platform. (more…)