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How to Choose the Best Theme for WordPress Blog

Now you have launched your self-hosted WordPress blog and it loaded with default theme. Whenever we install a new WordPress, it always uses its default theme such as Twenty Thirteen Fourteen etc. So it’s not a big deal to configure a WordPress blog, the challenge will start from here. As the default theme is used by Millions of other WordPress blogs sharing the default look with your site and definitely you don’t want that. So now it’s time to make your blog to look more attractive and unique. You just need to choose the best suitable theme that determines the appearance of your blog and have essential features.

Here in this article, I have discussed some important points that you need to keep in mind to find a best free WordPress theme for your blog.

1. What’s your blog purpose?

Before starting search for the free WordPress theme for your blog, it’s very important that you should know what’s your blog or blog purpose. You also need to know what your target audience is. When you’re fully aware of your blog needs, you can start your search with well defined plan to choose a free WordPress theme for your business or personal blog.

If your website is business oriented, then you can choose a one-page parallax WordPress theme for its professional features, functionalities, look and feel that will make your business appear more credible. But if you’re looking to start a personal blog, then you can start with free WordPress theme.

2. Know Technical Requirement

Now you are fully aware with the goal of your blog and ready to start your theme search. But you still not prepared checklist of features that you want from your blog theme. It’s very important to be ready with the theme requirement checklist to ensure that the themes you choose fulfil your requirement. Also you should check your finalize theme’s support for essential WordPress plugins, widget and themes advance features.

3. Responsive

As per stats from 2016, more than 40% of traffic comes from mobile devices. So it becomes important for your blog to have fully responsive design that should rum on all devices. Also try to choose one-page parallax WordPress theme or a blogging WordPress theme with a responsive design that will ensure that your website or blog works properly on any screen size, maintaining your online presence and creating loyalty among your visitors.

4. Easy Customization

Before choosing a one-page parallax WordPress theme or a free blogging WordPress theme, make sure that the theme has easy customizable options. Also look for the advanced theme options like sliders, parallax, portfolios, calendar, galleries, widgets and how many color or fonts option does the theme have? Does it have different layouts for you to choose from? Don’t be compromise if theme doesn’t full your requirement or something less that you need.

5. Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility is the most important part of any theme. Before finalising theme for your blog, make sure the theme run smoothly on all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari etc. It doesn’t matter what theme you are looking for, if it’s a one-page parallax WordPress theme or a blogging WordPress theme, make sure to check its browser compatibility feature before anything else.

6. Security

Security is crucial for any website. You should be careful when choosing free WordPress theme or buying a premium theme. Try to give some time to yourself to evaluate the theme and go through its reviews, may be someone else has already encountered issues with that. If you find everything fine with the theme then you can go to download and use it.

7. Social Media Integration

In current scenario, social media plays an important role to promote your business. Whatever your website is for, blogging, business, freelance, you are trying to run an online business, right? The social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc can play an important role. So it’s essential to check for themes built-in social integration and to display social sharing button and likes buttons to generate shares, likes, comments, contacts and leads.

8. SEO Optimized

Whatever the purpose of your website, the SEO is very important to increase your presence. So make sure that the theme is fully SEO optimized before finalizing. This will help your website to increase your online presence by helping search engines find and index your website in an efficient way.

9. Speed

The speed of any website is important as it attract visitors as well improve rankings. As per current scenario, if your website page load takes more than 3 minute to load page, there will be most chances that your visitor will abandon page. So it’s very essential to check theme speed before choosing it for your blog or website.

10. Support and Upgrade

Support is at the top of anything. If theme passes everything but haven’t offer support and upgrade then don’t go with it. Always make sure that the theme provider will provide full support to run your website or blog in no time and without any complications when needed.

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