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The Best Frontend Framework

In this article we have listed the best Frontend Framework with their features. We have explained what frontend framework is and what things to keep in mind while choosing most suitable framework for your project.

What is Frontend Framework?

The Front-End Frameworks are very popular among web developers. These are particularly collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript components that makes website development easier and faster. With framework you can easily design a fully responsive and modern layout of any website. Most of frameworks are using grid system for layout in spite of some differences. The main goals of all frameworks are to provide basic and common layout structure so that web developers do not have to design a website layout each time from scratch.

As there are too many Frontend frameworks available and each framework have its own strengths and weaknesses. So it’s not necessary that the most popular framework work for your project, the less popular can be more suitable. So it does totally depend on your project to choose right one. For example if your project is simple, then there are no need to use a complex framework.

So let’s have the list of the best frontend framework with their features and weakness to choose right one for your project.

1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular and most used frontend framework. It includes CSS, HTML and many useful JavaScript components to create fully responsive layout for all kinds of website. If you project is simple enough, then it’s not more suitable because the framework has file size of around 362kB because of excessive number of rarely used styles. Bootstrap has very large community and also updated regularly. The framework is ideal for beginners and those who prefer a robust front-end framework.

2. Materialize

Materialize is a great frontend framework based on Google’s Material design. The framework enables to create fully responsive layout with ready to use buttons, icons, cards, forms and other components. The Materialize is also based on column grid system to design layout. The framework provides some awesome components like Chips, Slide Nav, Parallax, Autocomplete, Waves etc. It is also loaded with CSS that’s ready to use out of the box for material design shadows, typography, colors and other features. The framework is suitable for creating layout for small to large websites.

3. Foundation

4. Semantic UI

5. UIKit